Dumping out an accessibility tree#

The shot-scraper accessibility command dumps out the Chromium accessibility tree for the provided URL, as JSON:

shot-scraper accessibility https://datasette.io/

Use -o filename.json to write the output to a file instead of displaying it.

Add --javascript SCRIPT to execute custom JavaScript before taking the snapshot.

shot-scraper accessibility --help#

Full --help for this command:

Usage: shot-scraper accessibility [OPTIONS] URL

  Dump the Chromium accessibility tree for the specifed page


      shot-scraper accessibility https://datasette.io/

  -a, --auth FILENAME    Path to JSON authentication context file
  -o, --output FILENAME
  -j, --javascript TEXT  Execute this JS prior to taking the snapshot
  --timeout INTEGER      Wait this many milliseconds before failing
  --log-console          Write console.log() to stderr
  --fail                 Fail with an error code if a page returns an HTTP error
  --skip                 Skip pages that return HTTP errors
  --bypass-csp           Bypass Content-Security-Policy
  --help                 Show this message and exit.