Websites that need authentication#

If you want to take screenshots of a site that has some form of authentication, you will first need to authenticate with that website manually.

You can do that using the shot-scraper auth command:

shot-scraper auth \ \

(For this demo, use username = root and password = password!)

This will open a browser window on your computer showing the page you specified.

You can then sign in using that browser window - including 2FA or CAPTCHAs or other more complex form of authentication.

When you are finished, hit <enter> at the shot-scraper command-line prompt. The browser will close and the authentication credentials (usually cookies) for that browser session will be written out to the auth.json file.

To take authenticated screenshots you can then use the -a or --auth options to point to the JSON file that you created:

shot-scraper \
  -a auth.json -o authed.png

shot-scraper auth --help#

Full --help for shot-scraper auth:

Usage: shot-scraper auth [OPTIONS] URL CONTEXT_FILE

  Open a browser so user can manually authenticate with the specified site, then
  save the resulting authentication context to a file.


      shot-scraper auth auth.json

  -b, --browser [chromium|firefox|webkit|chrome|chrome-beta]
                                  Which browser to use
  --user-agent TEXT               User-Agent header to use
  --devtools                      Open browser DevTools
  --log-console                   Write console.log() to stderr
  --help                          Show this message and exit.